keysThe Key to Knowledge:  At St. Peter's, we promote strength of body, mind, and spirit; our curriculum is designed to do just that. Our curriculum meets and exceeds New York State Standards and Diocesan Standards. We have a state of the art science lab that serves as the setting for our Middle School science program, which includes the opportunity for 8th graders to take the computerlab3Earth Science Regents.  Our technology center includes a computer lab and close-circuit TV studio that is broadcast throughout the school. Each Spring, students from 4th through 8th grade participate in the Science Fair. All grades participate in including Art, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish, in addition to core subjects such as English, Math, Science, Social Studies.  Religion is taught at each grade level as well, with in-class Sacramental preparation for Reconciliation in Grade 2 and First Holy Communion in Grade 3.

keysThe Key to Excellence: St. Peter's caring and loving faculty and staff are dedicated to providing each child with the best possible academic experience to ensure individual success. Our teachers are all NY State certified, and continue to grow in their profession through regular development opportunities, in-class observations and evaluations, etc.  Our teachers take active roles in our HSA activities, in addition to serving as coaches for our sports teams and coordinators for after-school activities.

keysThe Key to Faith and Values: The faith and values that parents instill in their homes are reflected in the school. Each morning and afternoon, our school family comes together in prayer.  Students also coordinate and participate in a weekly school Mass as well as community service projects. Family involvement in the school is highly encouraged.  We have an active Home and School Association, led by parents, that raises funds for the school as well as coordinates and participates in school-wide activities, such as our sports program, annual field day, Peach Festival parade float, Gingerbread House, etc.  Room parents and other classroom volunteers make bring the home/school connection together, further instilling the concept that parents truly are a child's first teacher and that the school and family must partner together for a great education experience.

keysThe Key to Opportunity: At St. Peter's, we offer a well-balanced array of afterschool activities.  In addition to our morning and afternoon latch key services, stufuturecitykeysdents may participate in music programs such as band, chorus, and guitar lessons; one of our many sports teams--both instructional and competitive teams; leadership development programs such as student council; performing arts; mock trial; Future City; scrapbooking; Builder's Club; Panther Press; Christmas program; and more! Our programs are designed to foster not only personal growth, but teamwork and pride in each other and our accomplishments together!

keysThe Keys to the World:
There's such a big world out there for our students to explore, and we look for opportunities to help them learn about it in a safe, healthy and holy way.  All grades take part in several education field trips each year--including trips to the zoo, the aquarium, tours of the Village of Lewiston and Old Fort Niagara--a rich history in our own backyard!  We also frequently bring the world to St. Peter's, with numerous guest speakers, student exchange programs, career days, etc.  We partner with Niagara University and their Learn and Serve program and with the Lewiston Police Department for DARE drug resistance training and other safety-related programs.

St. Peter's graduates go on to achieve great things; our alumni include doctors, lawyers, teachers, professionals, Navy pilots, etc.   The keys we offer your children can unlock many doors to an exciting future--isn't it time you saw what we're all about?